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In the beginning, there was uniformity. Only shoe manufacturers could make shoes. Only T-shirt manufacturers could make T-Shirts. And they made a whole bunch of one kind and sold it to the masses. Dull.   


We're glad you've found your way to KarmaCraze. Here, we make what you want; One-of-a-kind products that reflect you and your Karma.

KarmaCraze was started in the usual way. A personal need.


A very good friend and business associate was always looking for Ouroboros jewelry; rings, necklaces, bracelets. If you don't know what an Ouroboros is, it's an ancient symbol of a dragon, or snake, in a circle, appearing to swallow its own tail. Hence, our logo.

Our friend was informed by his doctor that he had only so many months to live. The news changed the way he looked at life. He did a complete 180 degree turn on every aspect of his life, specifically his health and mental state. That was 20 years ago and he's still going strong today.

To him, the Ouroboros represents his rebirth in this life and the journey of his soul, through this life and the next.

But then we realized that there were millions of people around the world in search of their talisman. The Om, the Ankh, the Lotus Flower, the Tree of life, just to name a few. Ordinary people searching for their Karma or on behalf of their Karma.

And KarmaCraze was born.


We focused on Women's and Men's jewelry in the beginning. But symbol popularity was growing exponentially, so we began to add clothing and accessories to satisfy the demand.

And now, thanks to technology, we can design one-of-a-kind products, and deliver them to your front door, to give you the Karma boost you need in your life. 

Come join us and Get your Karma on!!

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